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Plezzel Rebrand

When we started Real Estate Bookings in 2011, the brand represented what the company did back then, an inspection booking system. Not only has our team expanded since then, but our platform has too and it is continuously doing so.

We believe that now is the perfect time for change.

We’d like to introduce you to our new identity. Plezzel, a smart digital platform that can take your business to new heights.


Our brand promise

Our strong belief in data protection and privacy remains the core of our business model. We will never risk sharing or sell your data with third parties that could compromise your business.

We’re always aiming to be innovative and agile, adapting to client’s needs is key. We are currently working to develop our platform’s functionality and interface.  You can expect to see a new look and feel later this year. A big thank you to all client’s who have worked with us to provide their feedback.


About our new identity 

Plezzel is no longer a single product, so we needed to rethink how we present our services to you. We’ve learnt that each of our clients are unique and require tailored packages to suit their office.

We have aligned our products and services into 4 key categories; Attract, Engage, Nurture, Grow.

Let’s break that down for you so you can better understand each area.




Are you attracting buyers and tenants to your properties advertised online and struggling to capture them into your CRM?

Our Real Time Lead Capture can help you. Never miss an opportunity with automated lead capture from the channels that count right to your CRM.

Are you open to attracting new prospects to your properties via social media channels?

Our Social Ads can help you. Get more than clicks with our hyper-targeted, managed ad campaigns to attract more buyers, gain an audience or generate leads using Facebook, lnstagram, and Google.




Are you engaging with your prospects immediately after their initial enquiry?

In today’s fast paced world, prospects have increased expectations. Our Enquiry Response allows agents to save time and meet these exceptions with a real-time branded and intelligent response specific to each property.

Looking for a way to track attendee’s at your Open Homes?

Engage with your prospects at open homes and remember to tick them off as attended on our app. They will be added straight to your database and will be subscribed to all automated alerts throughout the property campaign.




Are you nuturing your database of leads with targeted content?

Nurture your ‘in-the-market’ leads with local and unique content aimed at investors and homeowners. Blogs, social posts and infographics created by expert designers and copywriters to power your digital campaigns.




Are you looking to get more listings and grow your rent roll?

Get more listings, grow your rent roll, and attract investors with data-smart campaigns. Our platform gives you the unique ability to engage across multiple channels to build and nurture real relationships.


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