5 Reasons Targeted Emails will Grow Your Real Estate Agency


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Many real estate agents have fallen into the bad habit of sending “spray and pray” emails. This means they create emails with generic content (such as all their listings) and send it to their entire database. This leads to many, if not the majority, of email subscribers receiving information that is not relevant to them such as market reports or listings for geographical locations they have nothing to do with.

Alternatively, targeted emails focus on segmenting your audience and sending valuable, relevant information to specific people. Here are 5 key benefits of sending targeted emails as part of your real estate marketing strategy.


1. Better Open Rate

Targeted emails have a better open rate, allowing you to reach more people and improve click-through-rates. For example, we recently sent a targeted email to landlords for one of our clients which included a relevant blog article. The opening rate was 52.3 per cent compared to an 18.2 per cent industry average. Click rate was 10.3 per cent compared to a 1.7 per cent industry average.


email marketing, real estate software, how to get more listings,


2. More Credibility

Over time, sending generic emails to an entire database will erode results, leading to emails being ignored, people unsubscribing and dissociation with your real estate brand. Email marketing is far more effective when you segment your database and provide audiences with genuinely valuable information. Offering relevant and insightful content increases your credibility as a leading real estate in your area.


3. Thought Leadership

Targeted email marketing is an opportunity to educate different audiences in specific subjects. For example, changes in property prices or legislation that only apply to certain subscribers. 


4. Build Brand Awareness

By including targeted emails in your real estate marketing strategy, you can grow brand awareness. Offering your audience better quality content means they’re more likely to repeatedly do business with you and recommend your agency to others in the area. You can also drive more traffic to your website by publishing targeted content on there and then linking email recipients to it. 


5. Localised Content

Targeted emails should focus on delivering location-specific content. This means your audience receives relevant information and increases the likelihood of people in that location contacting your agency. 


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