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Plezzel Integrated with All homes

At Plezzel we don’t believe in silos – inside or outside the building.

This means we integrate everything – CRMs, portals, websites, emails, SMS, ad campaigns, reporting and more. It’s one of the things that makes us different, and we like to believe what helps us be more efficient and better than anyone in the market.

So as part of that commitment we are delighted to announce that we are now integrated with the All Homes property portal (Part of the Domain Group) and saying a big Hello to Canberra. The latest update means our platform can capture enquires and send beautiful branded responses for 99% of the Australian market.

How does it work?

When a consumer enquiries about a residential or commercial property for sale or rent, our platform in real-time:

  1. Captures all the data in the email.
  2. Stores it in our database.
  3. Sends a branded and personalised email to the customer.

This means real estate agents in Canberra no longer have to spend Monday mornings manually responding to emails. It also means their customers will no longer get a badly written email from an agent wrote on his mobile at the football.

It doesn’t stop there.

When we capture an enquiry, we use advanced machine learning techniques to tell a story about the prospect. Our platform analyses email metadata and the customer details to help the agent understand if the buyer is red-hot, an investor, or perhaps a good lead to list their home for sale.

This means more business opportunities from our data-smart approach.

At the open home, agents can use our app to capture enquiries and manage prospects. Everything is integrated back to our platform and back to the agency’s CRM.

Every week we send easy to understand reports that tell the agency directors and their agents how their listings are going, how many leads are attending open homes, asking for more information, and what the return on their advertising is.

Testing a new advertising channel? Our platform will tell you if it’s delivering any value.

If you’re an agency or agent in Canberra and still doing things the hard way, we can help.

By – Chief Digital Officer

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