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Our mobile app is a critical part of our customers digital infrastructure.

It helps busy real estate professionals get more done at their open homes, and track, capture and retarget prospective buyers and tenants. Plus it’s integrated with the top CRMs used by Australian real estate agents.

We are delighted to announce that the launch of our brand new Plezzel app.


We have completely redesigned and rebuilt our app after extensive research and feedback from our customers. The app has been built using React, a powerful open source user-interface development platform that originated in Facebook.

Our new app is packed with powerful features.

– Integrated with the major CRMs used by Australian real estate agents so no leads are ever lost.
– Send owner reports directly from the app via email or SMS.
– See sold and rental properties and easily filter with just 2 taps.
– Add new leads and prospects directly from the app.
– Property Search

That’s just the start – we have lots of cool new features planned.

To try our new app, simply download the new Plezzel app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

Download our Open Home App User Guide

By – Chief Digital Officer

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