Auto Optimising – Get the Best Value From Your Data Without Lifting a Finger

Auto Optimising

Reaching the right people online is easier than ever for agencies if you have the right tools and methods. With smart digital platforms like Plezzel, you can streamline the marketing process, using your data to create more targeted campaigns.

Auto optimising involves targeting prospects with digital ads across the internet based on their relevance to that specific campaign. This means you can put your data to work at the time it will make the most impact for the listing. Reach more prospects ready to take action without having to lift a finger.


Using Your Data to Reach the Right People on Social Media

Social media marketing is about more than just local brand awareness today. Tools on Facebook allow you to tap into complex insights and reach audience segments with hyper-precision. You can create Custom Audiences using your CRM data or by choosing people based on demographics.

You can then create Lookalike Audiences that target similar people on Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to reach more people while keeping your audience relevant to your marketing goals. The result is a better ROI on your marketing budget without more effort.

Retargeting Prospects

Repeatedly connect with your prospects to inspire them to take action with remarketing. This involves reaching specific people who may have viewed listings but didn’t take any action. The goal is to nurture prospects who have demonstrated an interest in your offerings as they browse the internet.

Retargeting prospects is a cost-effective way of nurturing in-the-market buyers while expanding brand recognition. At Plezzel, we can build precise target segments using your data, social media user data and our own exclusive data sets. From there, we can target and retarget the right people with Facebook, Google AdWords and more.


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