Benefits of Inbound Enquiry Automation

Enquiry Response

Real estate agencies deal with a lot of enquiries coming in at all parts of the day and night. In fact 7pm – 11pm each evening Mon-Fri we commonly refer to ‘digital peak hour’. Implementing an automated enquiry response system can help save time, ensure brand consistency across the office and increase customer satisfaction. Responding to enquiries in a timely manner can even increase your sales by 20 per cent!

Below we outline the four key benefits of an intelligent automated enquiry response system for your agency.

  1. Save Time

    From interested buyers trying to arrange an open home inspection to vendors asking for an update on the progress of a sale, agents can be inundated with emails, many of which come in outside office hours. We have researched our client enquiries and found 60 per cent of property enquiries are received outside of office hours. Reduce the time spent manually responding to online enquiries from platforms such as REA and Domain and your website, especially on a Monday morning when enquiries have built up all weekend!

    Think of it as a digital PA that gives you time to focus on more important things at work like building strong relationships with clients, eliminating the need to ever check and respond to emails while you’re relaxing at home or are on holiday.


  2. Ensure Brand Consistency

    Uniformity in customer communications is essential for establishing and maintaining a brand with a strong reputation. Our automated enquiry responses have standardised formats with a professional appearance, ensuring you deliver well-crafted, branded responses every time.

    You can work with our team to design beautiful templates that reflect the style of your brand. Every automated enquiry response is delivered as an email from a specific agent, who the recipient can respond directly to.


  3. Offer Better Customer Experiences

    40 per cent of Australian consumers expect a response within an hour of making an enquiry, according to a survey by Lithium Technologies and Harris Poll. This means the value of responsiveness is huge in today’s market. Why not respond and engage when the client is motivated? Every late response is an opportunity for a competitor.

    Automated enquiry response allows you to exceed customer expectations with prompt action, stand out from competitors and begin a relationship with the enquirer when they are most motivated.


  4. Deliver Intelligent Responses

    Don’t just send generic, vague responses either. Our view is “Digital starts at the time of enquiry”, give value and address the client’s enquiries. Our automated responses are intelligent with content specific to what the person has asked for in the enquiry. For example, if a person has asked for a contract of sale, it will be attached to the response. They are designed to be engaging, come from the listing agent and assist in generating more dialogue with the motivated buyer.


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By – CEO

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