Social media  and digital Advertising like Google Display are great tools for agencies to access a huge network of potential clients. From building brand awareness to generating leads, digital advertising can make all the difference in your agency’s success. However, it’s important to be strategic and create a plan for what you want to achieve and how to get there. In this article, the Plezzel team offers our top 3 tips for how to successfully use social media. 


1. Post the Right Type of Content

The first key to success on social media is to create interesting and relevant content that your target audience will find engaging and post on a regular basis. Aim to showcase your local, specialised knowledge to stand out. For example, create local market reports or suburb profiles. 

Be mindful of what mediums and types of content works best for each platform. For example, most social media algorithms now favour video for maximum visibility in news feeds. Carousels and short story videos are great options specifically for Instagram. Native content also tends to perform better. That is, content that is uploaded directly to the social media platform as opposed to a YouTube link. 

2. Stay On Brand

Ensure your social media content is consistently on-brand. Everything you post should deliver and reinforce consistent brand messages and suit your business. For example, an epic video with high-impact shots might not suit you if you are a small, independent agency servicing a small community. 

Some ways to ensure your content stays on-brand is to create a writing and design style guide so all of your content will look and feel consistent, from the language used to the colour schemes.

3. Learn How Social Media Works for Business Pages

Real estate agents, like many other industries, can still find it difficult to cut through on social media channels. You might post relevant, high quality content on your Facebook and Instagram pages only for it to get little to no reach or engagement. During the earlier days of social media, businesses could simply post and reliably reach any followers who were online. 

Social media platforms have since changed their algorithms to make it harder for business pages to reach people without paying for it. So in addition to posting the right kind of content, agents must also know how to use tools like boosted posts, targeting and ad insights effectively to meet your marketing goals. 

At Plezzel we are experts at targeting local communities that support real estate agents and connecting to your database to make it even more targeted to make sure you are putting your brand in front of your customers. So you are front of mind when they are ready to sell their home.


Plezzel Can Help You With Your Social Media and Digital Marketing 

At Plezzel, we’re digital marketing experts specialising in real estate. We can help you develop high quality content and optimise your social media marketing strategy to drive results. For more information, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – Plezzel Marketing Manager
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