5 Key Takeaways from AREC 2022

The Plezzel team attended this year’s AREC Conference, which was held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. Founded by John McGrath in 1995, AREC is Australia’s largest Real Estate conference. The event aims to inspire and educate attendees as well as give them the opportunity to network with others in the industry. With an incredible lineup of speakers from around the world, this year’s conference left the Plezzel team with plenty of valuable takeaways. 

While this conference was jam-packed with a wealth of information on professional development, inspirations, moving stories and much more, we’ll be focusing on 5 key takeaways. In line with the belief upon which AREC was founded, we feel the following learnings are important to focus on what we are doing and lead to developing the right strategies. 

1. Be the one they need, not the first to call back.

Seth Godin enlightened the crowd and reminded them that in order to position ourselves and attract the right clients, we need to stand for something. Whether it is a certain way of communicating with others, a certain belief or even a way of delivering a service authentic to your business, committing to standing for something will lead the right people to our business.

As more and more people recognise this, a community will begin to form. Community is a basic human need, it can be referred to as a void that needs to be filled, so we need to find a way to fill this. First, recognise what your prospective clients need and where they want to be, then demonstrate the practical empathy to show them you can be the person to deliver it. 

2. Place yourself at the bottom of the funnel and feed up to support overall growth. 

Kon Stathopoulos Director of McGrath Parramatta and Hawkesbury expressed a valuable refresher that growth requires giving more than you take. In a position of influence in your business, you need to provide the platform on which you can support growth. Think about this for a moment, can a two-story house last and stay supported if the foundation is left out of the building process? The answer is, of course, no. We need to put our pride aside and place ourselves at the bottom of the funnel, then feed up. Stay connected to the outcome of those within your team, commit to growth and give more than you take. Kon explained that he had seen some incredible results within his team by keeping them connected to a common goal. 

3. Tell them what they need to hear, not what they’d like to hear.

Tom Panos gave a passionate presentation surrounding the art of delivering negative news in a positive way. We often come across situations where we need to deliver news to our clients that can be hard to hear. But the importance is all in the way that you deliver it. Additionally, you need to always make sure you are fully prepared when you turn up to a listing. Base your presentations on the process, data, marketing and brand. 

4. Real estate is about relationships; data provides context to have a better relationship.

Dirk Miller (Head of Product at Core Logic) delivered an insightful presentation on data and shared the power of clean data and how it can help enhance the buyer experience. This update has pushed businesses who want to stay ahead to build a database of first-party data. With Apple and Google banning user tracking on websites, this reduces marketing data collection used for digital ads and the ability to retarget. This update has pushed businesses who want to stay ahead to build a database of first-party data.

Capturing clean data into the CRM provides valuable 1st party data and 0 party data such as buying preferences. This is data that you own and provides you with the context on an individual that boosts the relationship. One of Dirk’s questions really prompts us to think, “When someone comes through the open, and you don’t have the information on them, how can you serve them through their property journey?”.

5. Perspective is power.

In his highly interactive session, Vinh Giang delivered a message that may not be in everyone’s minds when thinking of new ways to stand out. We are so often referring to the competition within our industry and overlook that of other industries. To stand out and do something in a way our industry has never seen before, we need to look beyond and discover a new perspective to apply an innovative way of carrying out our business. 

AREC 2022 was a jam-packed two days of inspiration. These takeaways are just a selection of the many powerful messages delivered by a range of motivational individuals. To conclude, the Plezzel Team are looking forward to what the consecutive conference brings.

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