5 Ways Marketing Automation will Take Your Agency to the Next Level

markaeting automation for real estate, residential sales software, property management software

Before we get stuck into the how marketing automation will take your agency to the next level, let’s look at how the real estate marketing is changing and exactly what marketing automation is.

Real estate marketing has changed rapidly over the past decade and doesn’t look like slowing down. These days, agents who focus on letterbox drops and cold-calling will be left behind by agents who implement comprehensive digital and automated marketing strategies. We live in an era where blogging, email and social media marketing are essential and the consumer expects prompt, high-quality responses to enquiries. This means the amount of time required on admin and online content has increased dramatically.


marketing automation for real estate, residential sales software, property management software


The good news for you is many of these processes can be automated with the right technology, allowing you to focus on what you do best: selling property. In this article, I’ll aim to outline exactly what marketing automation for real estate is, and how it can help your agency get to the next level.


What exactly is marketing automation?

Simply put, marketing automation is the process of syncing up your real estate marketing efforts to software that makes responding to enquiries, publishing posts, sharing content and analyzing results a stress-free, streamlined process. Ultimately this saves a lot of time and money, whilst at the same time generating more leads. Instead of manually responding to every enquiry, publishing every blog post, Instagramming every photo and tweeting every tweet, you can employ automation processes and software to complete each one of these task for you. This makes distributing your content and growing your brand much easier and more effective.

For real estate agents especially, marketing automation is a lifesaver. Gone are the days where you need to devote half of your day to responding to enquiries or publishing digital marketing content.


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Now, let’s look at exactly what marketing automation will do for your agency…


5 ways marketing automation will take your agency to the next level are:

Lead nurturing: Marketing automation software can inform you how far along your leads are in the sales funnel and what communications they have received. This can help you gain greater insights into your prospects and better understand their exact needs.

Huge time savings:  Can you imagine a world where you don’t have to manually respond to every enquiry and manually create and post your online marketing content? With marketing automation this all becomes possible.

Big reductions in expenses: Thinking about hiring additional staff to manage your enquiries or online marketing requirements? Implementing marketing automation will cost you a fraction of what it would cost to hire a new employee, not to mention the 24/7 capabilities.

Higher quality, segment data: Marketing automation software can analyze all your leads in real-time and segment them accordingly. By segmenting buyers, tenants, investors and landlords in real-time, you can adjust your marketing message accordingly to ensure you’re providing them with content that is relevant to them.

Accountability within your agency: With the right automation software, you will be able to see every agent’s leads and exactly where each lead is in the buyer journey, meaning every agent becomes accountable for their leads. Something I’m sure will make your Monday morning sales meeting’s a lot more interesting!

By now I’m sure that marketing automation can provide some amazing benefits for any real estate office. As an industry still heavily stuck in its old, out dated ways, now is the time to transition into the world of digital and take your agency to the next level!


By – CEO
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