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Like other businesses during this time, real estate agencies have had to quickly adapt to the changing environment while continuing to serve their client’s needs. Social distancing and restrictions on traditional real estate practices like auctions and open for inspections have required agents to make significant adjustments to the way they do things. 

While we are seeing restrictions slowly being lifted, it’s increasingly clear that the roadmap to normal is a long one. It could be up to a year or longer before things return to normal. What’s considered normal is also being questioned as some changes are likely to be permanent. Namely, digital technology use.


What’s Changed During COVID-19?

The lockdown has led to a downturn in most industries as well as high rates of unemployment, leaving consumer and business sentiment at all-time lows. Research has indicated the crisis has taken a significant toll on people’s mental wellbeing.

Even though restrictions are easing, many people are still anxious and unwilling to spend time in multiple open homes mingling with more than 10 people. It will take more time for people’s confidence to improve. 


Digital is the New Normal

Social distancing measures have meant a greater reliance on digital technology for everyone. There are multiple signs these changes are permanent. Print media was already in decline while uptake of digital channels continued to rise. This pandemic has only hastened this trend. For example, News Corp recently cut over 100 print newspapers in a huge shift towards digital-only publishing. 


Using Digital to Adapt to These Changes

People are adapting to what is the new normal and are willing to accept supplementing in-person inspections with high-quality digital experiences. 360 degree digital inspections and virtual reality technology allow people to evaluate their future home from their current one.

The prominence of digital usage means how you manage your website, social media and online communication is more important than ever. Agents must offer a personalised experience for potential customers. Keep in mind that people are using multiple channels every day. 


Plezzel Can Help You Find the Right Approach

Target customers with content that is genuinely valuable and relevant to them. A positive and caring voice helps people feel more secure during challenging times. Develop an appropriate content strategy and automate customer journeys using Plezzel’s smart AI-driven processes to generate and nurture leads.

If you want to learn more about how to strategically market your business during COVID-19, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.

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