Advertising Flows Where the People Go


Success in advertising is ultimately about understanding people. What they want, what they do, where they spend their time and when. Astute marketers monitor the volume of traffic to key advertising channels, and look at what people are spending their time on.

Where do you think most of your prospects spend the majority of their time? It’s not print. In fact, Australians spend over 5 hours per day using the Internet and the majority of that time – 1.5 hours – is spent using social media.

The smart marketers are following the people. As the saying goes, advertising flows where the people go.

Social Media Matters

A July 2018 article by Morgan Stanley Research shows a stark decline in print readership and television consumption. Meanwhile internet usage continues to grow, fuelling a multi-billion dollar industry of digital advertising.

A Deloitte media consumer survey on media and digital preferences found that 59 per cent of respondents use social media daily and 36 per cent feel their purchasing decisions are influenced by social media.

With that kind of influence, where would you put your advertising dollars?

The Dominance of Facebook and Google

In December 2018, the ACCC conducted a sweeping review into the power of Facebook and Google in Australia’s media market. It found that the two digital giants have significant power, accounting for two thirds of all Australian advertising spend.

According to the ACCC report, the spread for a typical $100 spent on digital marketing is:

  • $47 for Google and its intermediary services
  • $21 for Facebook
  • $32 for all other websites

This is astounding considering the thousands of websites that compete for that share of $32.

Making Smarter Investments in Digital Marketing

Agencies should incorporate these findings into their digital marketing strategy. Investing more of your marketing budget into effective campaigns on Facebook, Google, and Instagram will pay dividends with more leads at a lower cost. 

However, keep in mind that your competing with a huge number of other agencies and businesses for space in news feeds, website banners and search engine results. Stand out by creating targeted, creative campaigns that engage the right people. Not only is advertising on multiple channels important, identifying which channels are delivering the lowest cost most valuable leads is key to success. 


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