Agent Office Campaigns During a Cooling Market

Building and maintaining your brand as an agent plays a huge role in your success. Agent Office Campaigns during a cooling market are designed to help build your brand, explaining to your customer demographic your unique proposition, values, reputation and brand promise in preparation for the busy selling season ahead.

Building and maintaining your agency brand can be hard work and takes time. However, it’s something every agent should start doing during a cooling market leading up to the peak spring selling season. This ensures familiarity within your target audiences once people are ready to get active in the real estate market. 


Omnichannel Brand Building

Agent office campaigns in spring are a sort of a priming action to make sure you stay in front of mind among potential buyers and vendors. Not only do you have to promote a unique, impactful brand based on your niches, location, customer demographic and values, but you need to build awareness among the right people. 

This requires the right tools, technology and services. At Plezzel, we believe an omnichannel marketing strategy across social media, Google Display and Google Search channels is the best approach for agent office campaigns. This ensures you cast a wide net within a targeted audience. This helps you reach both new prospects and retarget people who previously visited your digital channels or showed interest. 


Build Relationships on Social Media

Establish a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and foster relationships by regularly posting interesting and relevant content. This might include specific suburb sales reports and news pertinent to your service region. Create content that is eye-catching and engaging. 

For example, videos tend to capture attention better while giving insight into your personality and boosting approachability. Most social media algorithms also favour video for maximum visibility in news feeds. Utilise the relative strength of each social media channel and its features. For example, Instagram is ideal for carousels of stylish photos of listings.



Agent office campaigns are also a prime opportunity to boost your appraisals with Lead Generation ads. This allows you to capture details from prospects while offering something in return, such as market insights, suburb reports, a free demo, etc. Using our smart digital tools, Plezzel then nurtures these vendor leads by:

  • Automatically sending and requesting an appraisal email. 
  • Automatically sending them digital ads, putting your brand in front of them across Google’s network and social media channels. 

Our system automatically creates a priority list for sales and property managers to follow up on. 


Build Your Brand With Plezzel

Plezzel’s automated digital ads solution places your brand in front of the right buyers and vendors, ensuring your agency flourishes come spring selling season. To find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – Head of Growth
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