Attract In-the-market Leads with Buyer Lead Generation

Attract more in-the-market buyers with Buyer Lead Generation campaigns and Specific Targeting from your audience creation. With the Plezzel Platforms’ first-party data, you can drive quality buyer leads directly into your database to prepare you for the busy selling season ahead.

The Benefit of Interactive Forms in Real Estate

Interactive forms within Facebook make it easy for prospects to connect with you by collecting enquiry information such as; location, property type and more to qualify the lead. You can customise this form to really prime your lead prior to contacting them to get the conversation started and spark their interest.


Growing your Database

With more buyer enquiries coming through, your database will become rich in useful information to help you target a strong audience resulting in a higher engagement, more qualified leads and a lower cost per lead. With a growing database and more qualified buyers landing in your CRM and interacting with your paid advertising, you further pinpoint the ideal audience with a ‘lookalike audience. A lookalike audience is created by using the smart learning of social media platforms to find similar personas based on data already gathered. 

As your social media advertising runs for long periods of time and collects more insightful data, you can target stronger audiences, lower the cost of your advertising and increase the quality of the leads coming through to your CRM. The Plezzel Platform applies advanced machine learning to connect data collected when advertising to your database. Buyer leads will, therefore, become more and more qualified as the campaign runs.

Preparation for the Selling Season

Lead Generation forms allow you to harness the power of online channels such as social media to connect and collect insightful data when selling your vendor’s property. Attracting more in-the-market buyers with Buyer Lead Generation is an opportunity you simply do not want to miss, and now is the perfect time to use it to your advantage.

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By – Digital Marketing Specialist
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