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With the real estate market across Australia picking up, there’s no better time than now to assess and update your tech solutions. Automate admin tasks so you can spend more time winning and closing business. At Plezzel, we can help you grow your business and free up your time with a suite of innovative digital solutions.


24/7 Automated Enquiry Response


Respond to every enquiry with a personalised email all while capturing every lead from every source with our automated enquiry response systems. Agents can provide an instant, tailored response to any enquiries 24/7. 

Update these responses whenever you need to keep prospects informed about relevant listings. Plezzel’s customised automated response emails match the style/branding of your agency so you can offer better, more personalised buyer experiences.


Private Inspection Booking


Automate your private inspection booking tools with Plezzel. This ensures the process is seamless for buyer enquiries. Automating bookings according to your required schedule ensures no leads are missed while saving time on manually organising inspections. 


CRM Integrations


CRM integration uses data and technology to optimise your real estate marketing campaigns. At Plezzel, we use utilise sophisticated tool-sets to extract maximum value from every contact so you can:

  • Automatically retrieve leads
  • Tag leads for easy tracking 
  • Personalise every customer touch-point
  • Better assess and prioritise client queries

Our integrations capture enquiries from Facebook, Instagram, property websites and real estate portals. 


Vendor Segmentation


And most important is our vendor segmentation tool. This allows you to segment future vendors from the thousands of buyer enquiries coming through, making it easier to get your next listing. This means more leads, better data insights and more opportunities.


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By – Business Development Manager
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