Benefits of Using an Australian PropTech Provider


Can your PropTech pick up Australian slang? Are your digital solutions designed with the Australian consumer and the specific Australian real estate market in mind? These may not be some of the first considerations when looking for real estate digital solutions, but they are important.

As an agent looking at PropTech (property technology), your top considerations may involve whether they provide the right technology, data capture, automation and marketing functions. However, specialised knowledge of the Australian real estate market is essential. Especially when it comes to automation functions. 


PropTech Plays a Key Role in Australian Real Estate

PropTech has reshaped Australia’s real estate market by resolving countless inefficiencies that once existed across the sector. Technological advancements streamline old processes from the research, planning and construction phases to property transactions and property management.

PropTech solutions have played an essential role in replacing time-consuming tasks with automated solutions. This includes responding to enquiries, capturing attendee details at open homes, segmenting your database and targeting relevant prospects with relevant marketing materials. 


Importance of Local Knowledge

However, choosing a PropTech solution for your agency goes beyond just finding a provider with the right services, quality software and functional technology. Local knowledge is crucial for understanding and effectively capturing consumers in the Australian market. 

For example, will an automated data segmentation or enquiry response system understand what someone wants if they use Australian slang in their message? This is an important distinction and where local, Australian-based, Australian-focused PropTech companies like Plezzel provide a greater level of service. 


Plezzel – Your Local Digital Real Estate Experts

Plezzel are local. We’re located in Australia, our digital experts all live here in Australia and we truly understand the Australian market. We regularly hear from our customers that the reason they decided to come over to us is for our expertise in the Australian real estate market and the Australian real estate consumer.

We offer a combination of PropTech services including digital marketing, data/analytics and CRM management. Our services enable agencies to streamline processes, reduce operating costs and more effectively grow their brand and generate listings. To find out more about how we can help, get in touch with the Plezzel team today.


By – Digital Marketing Delivery Manager
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