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Property advertisements are generally quite limited in terms of the information they provide. If a potential buyer is interested in a property they are viewing, they’ll usually make an enquiry to gather more detailed information.

The problem facing real estate agents is that over 52 per cent of buyer enquiries are received outside of office hours. With no one there to respond, the buyer cannot access additional information when they are motivated. Agents can avoid losing the buyer’s interest with an automated enquiry response system that provides them with all the information they need.


Buyer Expectations are Increasing

Consumers are more demanding than ever before, with 49 per cent expecting an instant response to enquiries. Only 18 per cent of agents are meeting these expectations however, making it a significant source of frustration in the agent-buyer relationship.

This situation means many agencies are losing opportunities because frustrated buyers lose interest and move on. However, a quality automated response system can help them overcome these problems and make the most of every enquiry received.


Maintaining Interest with Property Profiles

The ability for agents to provide buyers with access to more information on a property at the time of enquiry is essential. Plezzel offer property profiles that offer a range of important information such as:

– Comparable sales and median suburb price

– Property video

– Downloadable contracts

– Open times they can book into

– Appraisal requests, and

– Additional information about the local area including schools, shops, cafes, gyms, access to public transport, etc.

All this additional information helps your buyers qualify themselves for the property at the time of enquiry. This simplifies the process for buyers who are busy sifting through multiple properties and want to access streamlined information without clicking through multiple pages or waiting for an agent response.


Functional and Responsive

Our property profiles have a large range of features and are flexible so agents can pick and choose the features they want to offer to buyers. The process is simple for agents as the Plezzel digital platform automatically generates the property website from your listings feed.

The property profile websites are mobile responsive meaning the user can enjoy a quality experience whether they are using a phone, tablet or desktop to view the page. This is essential as over 51 per cent of website browsing and searching is now taking place on mobile devices.


By – CEO
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