With over 7,000 agents using our platform, we analyse some amazing results and trends coming through in this November Real Estate Market Update with Plezzel CEO Greg McCutcheon.

We have seen days-on-market go from 18 to 12, and they are currently trending back up again and sitting at 17. We believe that the days-on-market is growing because of the increasing supply of listings coming to the market to meet buyer demand.

We have sent out over 1 million email communications to potential buyers for our customers in the past three months and have published thousands of digital campaigns. The scale of our business comes from using our SMART Automated Platform.
These EDM’s and Digital Ads have created 100s of appraisal leads for our customers and saved thousands of hours for agents trying to manage their buyer enquiry.

Enjoy your Christmas holidays and head to our website later this month to download our latest Ebook, “Digital Strategies to get more Appraisals in 2022.”

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By – CEO
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