Choosing the Right PropTech in a Crowded Marketplace


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PropTech has transformed the real estate industry, supplementing tedious, manual tasks with automated solutions. Thanks to these technological advancements, agents can streamline and ‘digitise’ processes, improving efficiency in areas like enquiry response, data capture, segmentation and targeting. 

With approximately 180 PropTech companies operating in Australia in 2020, the challenge becomes choosing the right service. Competing PropTech companies often hype up their services. This makes it essential to do your due diligence and ensure services provide real value rather than just flashy features.

What to Look for in a PropTech Service

Here are three key things to check with any PropTech company you are looking to work with:

  1. Alignment – Can the supplier optimise your costs and support your business growth strategies?
  2. Measure – Can their service deliver valuable insights and reporting so you can understand what is working and what isn’t?
  3. Data Protection – Where is your data going, how is it organised and who can access it?

Keep in mind marketing often overhypes real world performance. Providers hyping the market often don’t have the datasets that more established, mature companies like Plezzel has. 

Proptech Should be a Partner for Your Agency

PropTech companies are there to provide a range of automated solutions, including:

  • Sending and responding to emails automatically
  • Capturing attendee details at open homes
  • Digital signing of contracts
  • Segmenting your database
  • Targeting relevant prospects with relevant marketing materials and more.

But this isn’t all. A PropTech company should act as a partner, not just another basic service you signed up for. The services they offer should be strategic in nature and always work to help your agency achieve your goals and respond to changing dynamics in the market. 

Checklist to Ask Before Signing Up to Any New Proptech Companies

  • Do the Digital ads Drive Traffic Back To Your Website – Growing your online Audience not a 3rd parties?
  • Do you own all your data including your online audience?
  • Are they Integrated with your CRM to help you grow your business?
  • Do they supply you with Frequent Campaign Monitoring for you and your vendor?
  • Do they use advanced targeting, lead generation and custom creative to make sure you are going beyond the click?
  • Are they Real Estate Digital Experts who understand the buyer and vendor customer journey?
  • Are the customer support team, sales and digital experts located in Australia?

Partner With Plezzel for Quality PropTech Solutions

At Plezzel, our team wants to create a partnership with our clients, helping your business grow with data-driven solutions and working together to optimise your digital marketing efforts and generate growth in 2021. To learn more about our PropTech solutions, get in touch with our team today.  

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By – Plezzel Marketing Manager
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