Choosing the Right Tech for Your Real Estate Office

Using innovative technology and tools, real estate offices can streamline their processes, operate more cost-effectively, and grow their brand and market more effectively using first-party data. PropTech, short for “property technology”, is now a huge industry, with over 300 companies in the Australian sector alone.

Different companies are at various stages of maturity, with some focusing on a single service (i.e. automated email response) while others offer various services. Choosing the right technology in a crowded marketplace can be difficult. Here are five things to look for in a solution for your agency.


1. What is the Customer Experience?

Consider whether your PropTech solution strategically and creatively improves customer journeys. For example, immediate 24/7 enquiry response and targeted content delivery. Great PropTech solutions nurture your customers with relevant alerts about their favourite properties and keep them engaged with critical information updates. 


2. Does The Tech Integrate With Your CRM?

Good technology solutions automatically integrate with your CRM to capture every lead. CRM integration optimises your real estate marketing campaigns. At Plezzel, our sophisticated tool-sets extract maximum value from every contact so you can:

  • Automatically retrieve leads
  • Tag leads for easy tracking 
  • Personalise every customer touchpoint
  • Better assess and prioritise client queries

Our integrations capture enquiries from Facebook, Instagram, property websites and real estate portals. 

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3. Who Owns the Data?

Any product your agency uses must offer good governance and appropriate data storage. Privacy and using your client’s information is a significant considerations for protecting both the interests of your customers and your agency. Ensure all customer, leads, traffic, and advertising data are not shared or sold to any third parties.

Beyond security, consider the interests of your technology solutions provider. For example, at Plezzel, you own all your data, and we never share or sell our customer’s data with third parties that could compromise your business.


4. What’s the Return on Investment?

How much are you using the technology solution? How is it helping you build your business? Consider upfront and ongoing costs in comparison to results and overall value. Look for insights that provide essential, real-time feedback. This allows you to test different tactics, constantly improve outcomes, and increase ROI over time by trying different strategies and technologies.


5. Does the Company Understand Your Industry?

Finding the right technology for your agency goes beyond just finding a provider with the right services, quality software and functional technology for real estate. Local knowledge is also crucial for understanding and effectively capturing consumers in the Australian real estate market.

For example, will an automated enquiry response system understand Australian slang? This is an important distinction and where local, Australian-based, Australian-focused PropTech companies like Plezzel provide a greater level of service.


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At Plezzel, we provide a platform that sets agents up for success. To find out more about how we can help you, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – CEO
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