Creating Lead Opportunities

Every interaction you have with a potential customer is an opportunity. And every opportunity is valuable. An opportunity isn’t just when a potential customer makes an enquiry. It also includes a person starting to follow you on social media, engaging with your content, liking your page and viewing your properties on your website. Every one of these opportunities is a potential lead.


Opportunities as Part of the Sales Funnel

Opportunities should be regarded as “top of funnel” prospects. They indicate that a person is interested and curious. However, they may not be ready to enquire yet or contact you about a specific real estate need, such as purchasing a property, selling their home or looking for property management for their rental property.

You need to ensure your opportunity basket is always growing so your team always has a pipeline of lead generation prospects. By creating more opportunities for people to see and engage with your brand, your team can generate more leads for the office over 3, 6 and 12 months and on an ongoing basis.


When is it a Good Time to Market? Always

By retargeting opportunities with valuable content, you can help generate leads by allowing these curious people the option to reveal themselves further by making an enquiry. Every social media post and marketing activity by your agency should have the goal of bringing that potential lead further down the funnel. Agents can achieve this using a range of automated technologies and machine learning tools.

Coordinating an “always on” digital strategy for a real estate agent, office or group requires specialised tools, skills and tactics. It also requires careful planning, measurement and optimisation over specific periods according to specific goals. You need to have technology in place which automates the manual process and helps you tell a story across digital channels. 


Contact Plezzel for Help With Your Digital Marketing

At Plezzel, we are seeing a clear gap in the real estate industry. Many real estate groups don’t have a coordinated inbound marketing channel that leverages the benefits of all marketing spend. This includes VPA and business funded marketing.

Your digital presence is an essential part of your brand and affects how successfully you can generate leads and reach potential customers. Plezzel helps real estate agencies make the most of every opportunity and generate more leads

If you want to learn more about how we can help, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – Business Development Manager
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