You Had Me at Hello, Why the Customer Experience Starts at Enquiry

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When you purchase a $10 item from an online retailer like Amazon you will receive a confirmation for your purchase in close to real time. Amazon will also let you know when to expect your delivery, if there are any delays, and be asked for feedback after you have received your goods.

All for a $10 purchase.

Why should real estate be any different?

It shouldn’t, yet many agents fall behind when it comes to providing a quality level of communication with prospects.

Consumers today expect a quick response to enquiries regardless of office hours. Meeting this expectation is essential for ensuring a positive customer experience.

These days businesses have the tools available to make this happen.

Intelligent Automated Enquiry Response

Agencies must deal with enquiries coming in during all hours of the day. In fact, many real estate enquiries take place during the digital peak hours of 7pm to 11pm Monday to Friday. Of course, agents can’t be available 24/7 to respond. 

Any big delays in responding can result in a lead going cold. The potential buyer thinks that perhaps the agent doesn’t want their money.

However, automated enquiry solutions provided by companies like Plezzel are advanced enough to fill in the gaps. Prospects who make an enquiry can get a branded, intelligent, tailored response to their enquiry. For example, if a person has asked for a Section 32, it will be attached to the response.

Promote Your Brand and Look Credible

Every email, even transactional emails are an opportunity to promote your agency’s brand, and your agent’s brand. Compared with a branded, mobile responsive email that speaks to your brand values, and unique value proposition, a quickly dashed off email can look unprofessional.

Automated email response platforms can create the perfect template to match your brand every time.

Establish a Relationship from the First Enquiry

As soon as a prospective buyer gets in touch online, it’s an opportunity to build a trusting relationship with them. By doing so, it ensure you’re first in their mind when they look for new properties or sign contracts for a new investment.

A buyer might not purchase through your agency but if they are buying an investment, it’s still an opportunity to grow your rent roll. Therefore it’s essential to nurture every investor lead that makes contact. Improve the overall buyer experience by creating your own tailored automated responses.


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