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Sci-fi writer, Arthur C Clarke, famously wrote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.”

Technology can help you get a lot done in life and real estate marketing. At Plezzel, we use technology to help our customers gain better outcomes across all campaigns – buyer, seller, investor, appraisal. To our customers, this is magic.

As digital marketing technology continues to evolve, the expectations of what good marketing can deliver have changed.

As recently as two years ago, advertising online using digital technology was highly innovative. A marketing admin would use the Facebook Ads Manager to create an ad manually and immediately, the property would be exposed to new potential buyers on Facebook and Instagram. Magic!

Today, advertising using digital channels is a minimal expectation of property vendors. They expect their property to be advertised wherever there are buyers: Portals, Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

The problem is that creating an effective digital ad for a property takes time, and it is difficult to scale with manual processes.

Customers today expect to be placed at the centre of the experience with relevant and timely advertisements. Advertisers expect a return on their investment.

All this requires marketing technology that looks at rich data-sets and smart tech that learns how to maximise conversions by understanding user behaviour.

Automation means that digital marketers do not have to guess which is the best audience segment to target. What creative will work best. Or how to manage the end-to-end process of order placement and reporting.

Automation means that there will be less time and effort spent optimising campaign performance. A good marketing platform will automatically update audience targeting, creative, and messaging to drive the best result – clicks, cost, and conversions.

Planning your digital automation strategy

Getting the most from a digital automation strategy needs some careful planning. Here are our top tips.

Review your processes

Your current marketing processes are highly likely to need optimisation and a review. Map the critical milestones of a digital campaign from order intake, customer approval, revisions, and reporting. A marketing technology platform like Plezzel can automate each of these steps.

Segment your customer base

Customers take action when they see the right message at the right time. By segmenting your audience to match key buyer attributes to property attributes, you will make sure that your Facebook and Instagram ads resonate.

Benchmark your current performance

A marketing technology platform will, over time, improve the return on investment of your digital advertising. Before you take on a digital marketing platform, you must benchmark the current performance of the metrics that matter – cost per click, click-through-rate, and overall clicks to your website.

Digital marketing automation for property listings will be a game-changer for real estate businesses in 2019 and beyond. By automating manual processes to deliver more relevant advertising, agents can reduce the time on-market, grow their brand, and provide a better customer experience.

For help reviewing your digital marketing strategy, contact Plezzel today.

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