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2020 was an unprecedented year no one could foresee. Disrupting essentially every industry, the pandemic forced business to embrace technology like never before. While a return to some sense of normality is on the horizon, the digital disruption caused by the pandemic is here to stay.

In the current digital age, we can also expect more digital disruptions to come. This means real estate agents must be dynamic, capable of shifting with technological innovations and shifts in consumer behaviour.


What is Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption is a transformation caused by emerging digital technologies and business models. Digital innovations affecting products, services, business processes and consumer behaviour can impact how a business operates. It’s a ‘disruption’ because the emergence of these new digital products/services/businesses disrupts the current market and causes the need for re-evaluation.

The most famous example is of course the internet itself, which has transformed how we do everything. But since then, there have been countless disruptions ranging from smartphones to social media. Today, a massive number of us spend time on social media and other online channels, affecting the way we interact with brands and select the products and services we need.


Digital Disruptions in Real Estate

Real estate technology has rapidly changed. 2020 accelerated this by teaching buyers, sellers and real estate agents how to work together online. Embracing digital change is becoming the new normal and with the emerging PropTech sector. PropTech is streamlining and ‘digitising’ old processes making them easier and more efficient. This includes:

  • Sending and responding to emails automatically
  • Capturing attendee details at open homes
  • Digital signing of contracts
  • Segmenting your database
  • Targeting relevant prospects with marketing materials

As an agent, you must ensure you’re using the right tech that will help your business grow in 2021.


Partner With Plezzel for Quality PropTech Solutions

At Plezzel, our team wants to create a partnership with our clients, helping your business grow with data-driven solutions and working together to optimise your digital marketing efforts and generate growth in 2021. To learn more about our PropTech solutions, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.

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