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Helping our clients grow is core in what we do. Targeting local homeowners is key in building your brand and getting your next appraisal leads.

Just Sold Digital Campaigns Help Generate Appraisals

Has your agency had a great couple of months? The property market is on the rise and now’s a great time to showcase properties you’ve sold to build on the momentum and generate new appraisals. It’s a great way to communicate your agency’s success to key target audiences after all, the most convincing marketing message of all is real, impressive results.

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Brief video on the importance of “Digital Just Sold Campaigns” and how this can help you get your next Appraisal Lead.

How to Approach Just Sold Campaigns

Just Sold campaigns are a real estate tradition, once taking the form of letterbox drops. Today, Just Sold campaigns can be set up as digital ads on Facebook and Instagram. These campaigns target a specific audience in a particular area with the goal of generating more appraisal requests.

Depending on your marketing strategy and budget, you can promote a single sold listing for 14 days or have months of promoting multiple recently sold properties to your local homeowner audience. The key is to use sophisticated targeting solutions that identify potential vendors via data capture from online activity and retargeting tools on Facebook and Google.

Leverage Powerful Digital Tools

Using powerful online tools, you can target people based on the specific geographic radius of the sold property you’re promoting. The destination page where your ads will click through to should link back to the property listing page or an appraisal request page. By promoting Just Sold properties through paid social media campaigns, you can generate new leads, help build your brand and reach new audiences that could contain your next vendor.

Partner With Plezzel for PropTech Solutions

At Plezzel, we ensure all Just Sold digital campaigns are data-driven as well as continuously monitored and updated to maximise results. Our team can help your business grow, working together to optimise your digital marketing efforts and help you succeed in 2021. To learn more about our digital campaigns, get in touch with our team today.


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