Digitise Your Office with Streamlined Processes

Real estate agents face a seemingly endless amount of tasks in their day to day work. This has only worsened as we’ve moved into a digital focused business landscape. Social media marketing has become crucial while at the same time consumer expectations have risen.

The amount of time required for back end administrative duties has increased for every agency. This has a significant impact on almost every aspect of an agency’s operations, from time management and responsiveness to lead capture.


Automation Streamlines Office Operations

When we say “digitising” the office, we are simply talking about automating and improving certain processes. After all, why should an agent spend hours of time performing low payoff tasks? With automation, you can instead focus on what’s most important – building relationships and selling property.

For example, marketing automation allows you to sync up all of your real estate marketing activity so tasks like publishing posts, sharing content and responding to enquiries are completed automatically rather than individually and manually.


Where are Your Leads Going?

Streamlining office operations is also about reorganising processes to ensure they are as efficient as they can be. This can be as simple as putting the lead in the right persons hands in the office and making the most of every opportunity to convert these leads.

At the very least, real estate agents should be segmenting their leads into homeowners looking to sell and investors. However, leads can be further segmented based on specific demographics like location, income, age and more.


Capturing Every Opportunity

Does your sales department speak with the property management/BDM side of the business? Both departments are busy and investor clients are often not provided to the property management teams. This is generally because the sales team is rightly focused on sales. Other times, there is a lack of discipline or it simply isn’t a priority.

However, those investor clients represent a great growth opportunity for the business. In fact, they are valued at 3 to 4 times the management fee when they become a landlord. The Plezzel platform automates the exchange of investor opportunities between the departments, ensuring every opportunity to maximise rent roll growth is taken without creating extra work for anyone.

We also digitise the sales department by automatically identifying homeowners looking to sell their home. The unique nurturing and engagement approach of our platform means the sales team have more opportunities to convert.


How Plezzel Can Help Streamline Processes

To see if our platform can benefit your agency, simply ask yourself these questions:

– Are you sick and tired of manually responding to every email enquiry?
– Is your inbox full of enquiries every morning (especially Mondays) with enquiries that came in during out of office hours?
– Are you still using pen and paper to capture leads at open homes?
– Can you ensure leads are entered into your CRM on a consistent and timely basis?
– Do you find it difficult to keep your prospects informed of key events during a property campaign? (for example, price changes, open for inspection times and upcoming auctions)
– Is your agency effectively nurturing leads in order to grow your rent roll and listings?

All of these tasks can be automated, saving you a significant amount of time and money. Streamlining your office operations means your day to day job is less stressful and your agency improves its capacity to generate more revenue.


By – CEO
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