93% of all internet experiences start with a search on Google. This means no matter who your target audience is, they definitely visit Google to search for everything from cooking recipes to the products and services they need. Google ads are an essential tool for every real estate agency to reach prospects quickly and effectively.


Google Display Ads

The two biggest display advertising networks are the Facebook Audience Network and Google Display Network. However, Google is the most popular. Display ads appear on third party websites, ranging from news articles and online stores to Gmail, Youtube and more. They typically come in the form of a square or rectangle graphic along the top, middle or side of a web page.

Display Ads are an excellent way to reach potential buyers and sellers as they browse the internet. They are an essential part of an omnichannel marketing strategy. Display ads help you to build brand awareness, allowing you to capture someone’s attention with visually appealing and eye-catching graphics. They’re also highly effective for nurturing potential leads via retargeting.


Google Ads Metrics and Retargeting

The targeting and retargeting capabilities of Google Display Ads are incredible. They allow you to reach precisely the right audience for your marketing goals. You also receive valuable insights to help you monitor and track engagement with your ads. This includes information about how many people saw your ads, clicked them and even how many of them converted. One metric, called “a view-through window”, monitors anyone who saw your ad in a certain time frame and whether or not they converted into a lead or customer.


Google Search

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Google Adwords are paid ads that look like search results but appear at the top of the page when someone searches for specific, relevant keywords, such as “real estate agent Brunswick”. You can target these ads using keywords and key phrases as well as demographics like age and location. It’s a quick, easy way to reach in-the-market buyers and sellers and makes up an important part of the real estate marketing mix.


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