Tired of Giving Away Your Real Estate Leads for Free?

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A large number of real estate agencies are using third party software to handle enquiries and book inspections. However, they don’t consider the affiliations these third parties may have.

All the buyer and tenant leads that come into your office throughout the day represent valuable data. Online enquiries contain valuable information such as email addresses and personal contact numbers. This data is an asset agents shouldn’t be sharing so willingly.


Downsides of Third Party Booking Systems

Consumers have become accustomed to the 24/7 convenience of booking transactions online, from hotel rooms to real estate inspections. It’s understandable that agents are turning towards these services in large numbers.

Unfortunately, many agents are failing to conduct proper due diligence when selecting software. Losing control of your data means losing control of your prospective clients, which can have a significant long-term impact on your business.


Real Estate Agents Must Think Long Term

These services are understandably attractive as they offer a quick, convenient solution to customer and enquiry management. Office operations improve in efficiency and real estate agents are satisfied. The value of all that data only occurs to them when it’s too late.

This tends to happen with agencies that operate on a short term mindset who are dependent on strong property markets like what we’re seeing now. When the property market changes, they will struggle. An appropriate long term approach is to collect data securely during good times so that it can be used as a valuable asset during slower periods.


How Secure is Your Prospect Data?

Data protection is one of the key issues in the real estate industry today. At AREC17, the need to protect data, avoid sharing it with third parties and ensure overall ownership was a common point of discussion.

Avoid your prospect data being sold off by third parties to the highest bidder. At Plezzel, you can comfortably use our high quality software knowing your data is secure. Complete data ownership is one of our key brand promises. We firmly believe that your database is one of the most important tools for your agency’s success.


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