Are You Giving Your Buyers All the Information They Want?

Advertising a property is a process that should be finely tuned in order to maximise selling potential. Buyers are busy people who must sift through countless different properties. They want the right property information, quickly and simply presented so they can make a decision.

Everyone understands the value of photos and video. A lack of visuals immediately creates suspicion and doubt. Thankfully, there are hardly any agencies who don’t use visuals to sell their properties. Buyers are naturally interested in basics like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, car space, land size etc. But there is other information that can make the property more appealing.


Overview of the Local Area

Articulating the benefits of the local area can really help a buyer envision what it’s like to live there and what aspects of the suburb may appeal to them. Therefore it’s essential to include information about local amenities from schools and shops to cafes, gyms and access to public transport.

This information can go a long way in contributing to a decision to buy. Promoting the area well can generate enough interest to prompt potential buyers to visit the area and the property itself. If this information is underpinned by more visuals then it is even more effective.


Additional Information and Documentation

How you interact with prospective buyers when they make an enquiry or attend open homes has a significant impact on their continued interest in the property. They may want to look into a contract of sale or section 32, they may want a price guide and comparable sales as well as any other relevant information about the property or area.

Of course, agents in Victoria are now legally obligated to provide key information about the property. This includes a statement of information detailing three comparable sales, median suburb price and an estimated selling price within a 10 per cent range. Providing this information helps keep buyers interested and ensures you are compliant with the law.


Keep it Simple with Property Profiles

As we mentioned, buyers are looking into multiple properties at once and therefore want the process to be easy. If they have to email various people or click through twenty different browser windows then you will likely deter them.

Agents should provide all the necessary information while streamlining the process of getting it. This means allowing people to do all these actions within the same browser window. Plezzel have created property profiles with the aim of making this process easy for both buyers and agents.

Providing the right information to buyers assists in their property journey. As agents working in a specific market, you know common questions, attractions in the local area and market dynamics. Plezzel can help you deliver this information in a convenient manner through property profiles and various other marketing channels so you can make the most of every opportunity.


By – CEO
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