Why Google Ads are important in Real Estate

Billions of users visit Google every day to carry out their daily searches. Visited 62.19 billion times this year already and holding 92% of the search engine market share, Google is by far the most visited website in the world. 

No matter who your target audience is, they almost certainly visit Google to search for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. Google Adwords, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps you reach them quickly and effectively. 


How Does It Work? 

Your ad can appear on Google search results at the moment someone is looking for services like yours. You can target specific people, ensuring you reach them in the right place at the right time. Find relevant people using:

  • Keywords – Words or phrases relevant to your services that are used by potential customers when they search for those terms or visit relevant websites.
  • Demographics – Choose the age, geographic location and other information to narrow down your targeted audience.
  • Days, times, and frequency – Show your ads during certain hours or days of the week, and determine how often your ads appear depending on when your prospects are most actively searching for property.
  • Devices – Your ads can appear on all types of devices. You can fine-tune which devices your ads appear on and when.

Ads can appear at the top of the page, giving you immediate visibility. Where tactics like search engine optimisation (SEO) are more of a long term strategy, Google Adwords are great for getting instant results at an instant cost. It’s an excellent way to bridge the gap between organic SEO and social media campaigns.


Measure Results and Control Costs

One of the biggest benefits of running a Google Adwords campaign is it’s fully measurable and scalable. If someone clicks your ad, you’ll know. If they clicked your ad and took further steps, such as visiting your website or making an enquiry, you’ll also be able to track that. By seeing which ads get clicks and which ones don’t, you can fine-tune your SEM strategy to get the best return on investment. 

You have complete control over how you spend your money, with no minimum investment required. Choose how much you spend per month, per day and per ad. Google Adwords are based on a pay per click (PPC) system, meaning you only pay when someone clicks your ad.


Advice for Real Estate Agents Using Google Adwords

There are various types of searches made by users. They can be specific or broad. In a real estate context, people use Google to find your website, research suburbs, understand the selling process and look up house prices. Appearing at the top of the results when people are searching lets you know early that people are looking to sell, purchase in the area.

The key point is you are able to direct motivated people to your website. Delivering quality traffic (in your target market) to your website is the first step in generating quality leads for your office/brand.

Be careful with your budget and avoid the trap of competing with larger portals and lead generators. Keep campaigns focused and reach people through hyper-targeting and creative ad copy. 

Plezzel Can Help You With Google Adwords

At Plezzel, we’re digital marketing experts specialising in real estate. If your agency is interested in generating more leads or building brand awareness using Google ads, we can help. We’ll help you create the best possible marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals.

With the increased attention span on digital channels for your target clients, now is a great time to build your brand.

To find out more, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – Digital Marketing Specialist
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