Tips to Help Your Agency Survive the Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is all the rage at the moment, with startups like Uber and Airbnb permanently changing the landscape of their industries. In real estate, services like Purple Bricks and Rate My Agent are having a similar impact.

Real estate agents who want to survive today’s digitally driven world must have the ability to effectively use digital channels to engage with the right people. This includes using targeting tools for social media marketing and knowing how to build brand awareness wisely.


Building Your Real Estate Brand on Social Media

Building your agency’s personal brand on social media is crucial in today’s saturated market. Most real estate agents understand this and engage in some form of brand building on channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Unfortunately, many agents bungle to process and either fail to use them to their full advantage or actually cause damage to their brand. For example, spamming listings on all of your social media channels several times a day tends to build resentment against your brand and results in being unliked/unfollowed.



Engage First

Building your real estate brand wisely is all about adopting an engage first approach. You should never go straight into selling the product. Remember, people use social media to be entertained and informed, meaning you should offer people genuinely interesting content.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality. For example, here is a Facebook post from one of our clients on the Bellarine Peninsula. It’s a lifestyle statement that taps into the community’s sense of shared culture – in this case, life by the coast.

Taking an approach that showcases your personality, your shared interests with the audience and your expertise will help you establish a consistently engaged audience. Your expertise can be demonstrated by creating content like local market reports and property related articles.


Targeting on Social Media

When the time comes to promote your listing, targeting is key. This involves narrowing down the people who are exposed to your social media marketing based on relevant demographics like location, age and income.

This ensures your marketing budget is used reaching people who are actually in-the-market. It also allows you to expand your reach beyond people who like your page and their friends, appearing in the news feeds of people who may be interested.


Expertise Trumps Disruptors

Digital disruptors have created a shift in consumer expectations where businesses are more accountable than ever for providing a high quality, personalised service. But remember that no disruptor can replicate the expertise and hard-won strategy of an exceptional estate agent armed with right knowledge and tools.

By – CEO
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