How COVID-19 is changing online behaviour

In the last week, COVID-19 has changed life for most businesses and consumers, with many Australians now working from home. For the real estate industry, open homes and auctions are now being conducted privately, remotely, or virtually. There has been a massive change in a short time.

This rapid change in working conditions has resulted in a rapid uptake of digital technologies as people try and use the available tools to get business done.

What is fascinating is that online behaviour has changed dramatically. Here are some key numbers of how usage on Facebook has changed.

Consumption on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram has increased

  • 16% browsing on Facebook more often in Australia.
  • 12% browsing on Instagram often in Australia.

Significant increases in Messenger usage across group calls

  • 70% more people are participating in group video calls
  • Time in group video calls has doubled globally, week-over-week.

Media content consumption has increased

  • 36% are searching for news online more often in the last 2 weeks as Gen Z + Millennials who used to go out more are more inclined to social distancing.

Building your brand is more important than ever

  • People are looking to trusted brands to provide them with safety and security in testing times. They want to be assured that the brands they choose are in control of their supply chains, transparent and trustworthy.

So what does this mean for businesses and real estate agents?

Now is the time to invest in your brand and stay relevant as consumers change their behaviour. With social usage increasing in a time of significant change and anxiety, it is important that real estate agents let their prospective customers know that they are still open for business.

It is still possible to show homes using technology solutions. Consumers are open to using technology in new ways which means virtual open houses using Facebook Live, Group Video Chat, Zoom, and Facetime are all great options to safely show buyers through homes.

Buyers are still in the market and advertising on Facebook and Instagram is a cost-effective way to reach them.

With more transactions being conducted online we expect that enquiry volume will increase as consumers register to find out more about properties rather than walking into an open home. Now is the time to make sure your processes are automated and scalable and you can respond to every enquiry.

If you want advice and support about how to survive during COVID-19 get in touch with the Plezzel team.


By – CEO
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