How does the “Facebook News Ban” impact my Vendor’s Marketing Campaign

We’re sure you have heard Today’s headlines on the “Facebook News Ban”, which has extended to Real Estate News Portals. What this means is that these news portals cannot share or post traffic back to their websites from Facebook.

Plezzel’s key digital business strategy is to drive traffic back to your website not a 3rd party website. 

What does this mean for Your Property Marketing??

Those of you using Plezzel’s Digital VPA marketing currently will benefit two-fold today, as you are already using social media platforms like Facebook and Google to promote your vendors home and driving traffic back to your website. You can feel proud that you’re ahead of the game and promoting your Vendor’s home on the most used social media portals in Australia. 

If you are not using Plezzel’s Digital VPA Ads, we can get you started ASAP to get your vendor’s home seen.  All enquiry traffic is directed to your Website not someone else’s, keeping your Vendors home top of mind to ‘in-the-market’ buyers. 

We have created a video for you to share with your vendors to help them understand the importance of using social media to sell their home.Please feel free to use this video in Vendor Presentations to help them understand the unique elements of your Plezzel Digital VPA Campaign.

Why is social media Important when selling my home?

Moving forward this Facebook update is an opportunity for your Real Estate business. Removing “News Content” does not mean people will stop using facebook nor does stop YOUR valuable content from being shared. It does mean there is less content competition meaning your ADS will likely be seen more often, making it easier to strengthen your brand, grow market share and nurture prospective customers. 

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Your Plezzel Team


By – Plezzel Marketing Manager
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