How to Convert Your Buyer Enquiry into Your Next Listing

Did you know that 70% of buyer enquiries have a property to sell? Yet only 5% of buyer enquiries are responded to in real estate. This represents a massive loss in leads and poor customer service to your future potential client base. Think of every new buyer enquiry as a potential lead for a new listing and your agency can ensure every opportunity is captured.


Technology is Key to Lead Capture

Provide every buyer enquiry with the best customer experience and they’ll be more likely to list their old property with you. Most agencies don’t respond to every enquiry because they are doing it manually and can’t keep up. Avoid leads slipping through the cracks with the right technology and tools. The Plezzel platform can automate the buyer enquiry process for you in two simple steps. 


Fast Enquiry Response

The first step to providing an excellent customer journey is ensuring every enquiry is met with a personalised response with a follow-up call locked in. Plezzel can help you capture every enquiry from every source including Facebook, real estate portals, your website, etc. The Plezzel platform sends immediate branded, personalised responses and creates tasks in your CRM for follow-up.


Plezzel’s Automated Smart Response

Plezzel’s automated response system works 24/7 and provides the buyer more information about the property. This includes brochures, suburb reports, contracts, open homes, finance referrals and appraisals. Our research shows that customers are more likely to think favourably about your business if agents provide additional information to help their purchasing decisions. 


Automated Segmentation

Plezzel’s platform also has an in-built automated segmentation system to nurture all your buyer enquiry across social media and email marketing. This keeps the buyer engaged by giving them ongoing pieces of critical information. 


Contact Plezzel Today for Help Converting Your Enquiries into Leads

On average, the Plezzel platform surfaces $1.6m in appraisal opportunities monthly, and over $100,000 in rent roll growth opportunities monthly. Get in touch with our team today for help transforming your buyer enquiries into your next listing.

If you want to learn more about creating better customer journeys in 2021, download and read our Ebook for Digital Agents today.


By – Digital Marketing Assistant
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