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In today’s market you need to take advantage of your current listing to get your next listing. Here are some tips on how to do that effectively. 

The average rule of thumb is each of your current listing should generate  2-3 additional listings if you use your database correctly.

  • The marketing on your current listing alone helps agencies reach homeowners looking to upgrade/downsize. The disclaimer is “if the agent works the database”.  Working the database often means manual effort and trawling the database for opportunities in a time poor market.
  • The majority of buyers that come through open homes need to sell their own property. With the increase in property values buyers looking to upgrade will need to consider selling their current home to fund the next purchase. This means every potential buyer for your current listing is a potential lead for a new listing. Agencies must keep this in mind and capture every opportunity you can from one listing.
  • Approximately half the people who attend an open home are looking for opportunities to sell within the next 12 months.
  • Each listing can also generate Landlord opportunities. People looking to invest help the Agency grow their rent roll and grow their business. These opportunities are presented at every online enquiry, every open home throughout the campaign. Placing these opportunities with your Business Development Manager (BDM) helps convert new Landlords into the growing rent roll adding value to the business.

demonstrate taking advantage of your next listing

But we believe this number should be even higher!

Avoid missed opportunities.  Magnify your revenue by learning how to use your digital marketing together with your database.

Here is how that works….

Being smart in managing enquiries helps Agencies extract more value from the single listing. Being able to automatically scale your business for growth requires maximising your database and using automated analytics which surfaces opportunities whilst you sleep. Here are some mandatory techniques that our successful agents use to extract maximum value from a single listing.

1. Data Capture and Nurturing 

Capture the details of every person that attends your open homes and effectively nurture them over the next few months while they are in the process of deciding when and how to sell their home. With an average of around 20 people attending each open home, this process is highly likely to generate more listings. However, effective data capture and nurturing is essential in maximising these opportunities. Ensure your agency has the right processes and systems in place.

2. Use Smart Technology

With the right technology and tools, agents can prevent leads slipping through the cracks without extensive manual work. The Plezzel platform can automate the process of capturing, segmenting and nurturing new prospects that attend your open homes. Every person that attends your open home will get a branded, personalised response afterwards. The platform can create tasks in your CRM for further follow-up. Understanding what the buyer does next is key, do they purchase a building and pest report, register as a bidder for an Auction or make an offer on the property? These signals are critical in determining whether they will consider selling their current home. 

3. Automated Segmentation

Plezzel’s platform segment’s home owner and investor opportunities at the time of enquiry. Automated and smart segmentation of the database helps Agencies prioritise their time effort into leads that matter.  They will then be automatically nurtured with relevant content across social media and email marketing leaving no stone unturned. This keeps the potential buyer engaged by giving them insightful information while keeping you top of mind when they are ready to list their home for sale.

4. Automated Response

Once that prospect is ready to sell, they might make an inquiry via your website, social media channel or another platform. Plezzel’s platform includes a smart automated response system which works 24/7 and immediately provides the person with relevant information such as suburb reports, comparable sales data and property appraisal. Immediately provide this information while the prospect is motivated. Research shows this drastically increases the chance of them doing business with you. 

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Every single listing has the potential to multiply into several more. Get in touch with our team today for help converting your next open home attendee into your next vendor client.

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