How to Generate Qualified Vendor Appraisal Leads


If you would like to generate qualified vendor appraisal Leads in today’s market, automation and smart digital tools are key to growing your real estate business. Plezzel’s Vendor Segmentation Tool allows you to find future vendors from the thousands of buyer enquiries coming through, making it easier to get your next listing. By using your database correctly, agencies can also generate two or three additional listings from each current listing. 


How We Segment Vendor Appraisal Leads

The majority of buyers that come through open homes need to sell their own property. Buyers looking to upgrade must typically sell their current home to fund the next purchase. This means every potential buyer for your current listing is a potential lead for a new listing. Agencies must keep this in mind and capture every opportunity you can from one listing.

Approximately half the people who attend an open home are looking for opportunities to sell within the next 12 months. Our Vendor Segmentation Tools captures these new vendor leads automatically from people who attend an open home or make an inquiry. 


Nurturing Vendor Appraisal Leads

Using our smart digital tools, Plezzel can then nurture these vendor leads by:

  • Automatically sending and requesting an appraisal email. 
  • Automatically sending them digital ads, putting your brand in front of them across Google’s network and social media channels. 

Our system also automatically creates a priority list for sales and property managers to follow up. 


Generate Qualified Leads With Lead Ads

Plezzel’s automated segmentation tools help you deliver targeted ads to your digital audiences for more qualified lead generation. We can even use our Facebook lead generation ads to instantly generate direct leads. Facebook lead ads are simply ads that appear across user feeds and stories on Facebook and Instagram. 

Lead ads allow businesses to identify potential customers and collect their contact information without leaving the platform. For example, tools like ‘Instant Forms’, make the process easy. Lead ads can be anything from a blog post to a “just sold” campaign. Data generated from lead ads is collected in Facebook Ads Manager and can be downloaded or synced up with your CRM.


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By – Digital Marketing Delivery Manager
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