How to get more listings from your current listing

How to Get More Out of Your Current Listing

The average rule of thumb is each of your current listings should generate  2-3 additional listings, if you use your database correctly. But we believe this number should be even higher!

We have seen in recent months, 100’s of people attending each open home. That is a lot of buyer enquiry coming through, but how do you segment out the ones who have a home to sell and nurture the ones that are not immediate sellers to contact you when they are ready. 

You need an effective data capture, segmentation and nurturing strategy to do this effectively. This process is highly likely to generate more listings. At Plezzel we want to help you avoid missed opportunities and magnify your revenue by helping you use your digital marketing together with your database. 

Here is how that works….

Our Plezzel platform helps you capture every enquiry, and we use our smart segmentation tools and automated enquiry replies to help get you started. Then we can take these enquiries and work with you to push your brand out to them across digital channels to make sure your front of mind when you customer is ready to sell their home. 

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At Plezzel, our team wants to create a partnership with our clients, helping your business grow with data-driven solutions and working together to optimise your digital marketing efforts and generate growth in 2021. To learn more about our PropTech solutions, get in touch with our team today.

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