When you think about branding, you may think about it in terms of a business and how you get your real estate brand seen online is essential. However, personal branding is very important as a real estate agent in terms of establishing and maintaining your reputation. It should reflect your expertise, knowledge, personality and values. 

Your personal brand tells clients what they can expect when they deal with you. Like a business brand, a personal brand tells your story and sets the stage for the customer experience. The question is how to exactly do I get my real estate brand seen online? Below are some top tips for creating an impactful personal brand as an agent.


  1. Define Your Brand

Who is your audience? How will you brand yourself? Are you an expert in a specific area? Or is it more about the experience of working with you? Define these aspects as clearly as you can and present them consistently in a way your target audience understands. Key elements to consider include:

  • Core demographics, e.g. age, income, interests
  • The areas you service
  • Niches in the market
  • Expertise/knowledge
  • Your personality and values

Once established, your brand should be consistently delivered across everything you do. This includes everything from visual and design cues to the language and tone used in all content and communications.


  1. Develop a Strong Online Presence

Building and maintaining brand awareness is crucial. Social media is an invaluable tool for this. Create and maintain an active presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, fostering relationships by posting interesting and relevant content. This content should reflect how you’ve defined your brand. Make self-Googling a routine practice to find ways to optimise your online presence.


  1. Curate Content Across Various Platforms

Curate content to drive interest in your brand on social media. Utilise the strengths of each platform, e.g. imagery on Instagram, and figure out which channels best serve your niches. For example, if you’re an agent servicing a coastal area and want to present a laid back, personable vibe, you may focus more on Instagram, creating fun, digestible posts about coastal life with informal language. 

If you want to come across as an expert in inner-city property investment, you may favour platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn while taking an approach to content that is formal, drier and more wordy/numbers-driven.


  1. Bio and Headshot

A personalised agent profile with a bio and headshot helps you tell your story and highlight areas where you stand out. A great way to add to it is with testimonials, which offer a third-party seal of approval. 


  1. Actively Listen to News in Your Industry

Keep on top of the latest news, legislative changes and trends in your local real estate markets as well as the wider industry. Find out what the competition is doing and keep up with your peers. Follow thought leaders in your niche and connect with other agents, even if they are in other cities or states.


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By – Digital Marketing Delivery Manager
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