Growing an online audience of potential buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants is a key challenge for every real estate agency. Don’t just spend more money to increase your reach. Instead, get ahead by using the right technology and smart digital marketing tactics.  

Plezzel’s platform and digital marketing services together create a comprehensive digital ecosystem that helps your agency sustain continued growth and impact with current and future customers. Every time you receive an enquiry from any real estate portal, your agency website, your social media channels or even a customer walking into an open home, the Plezzel platform works to build your online audience.


Grow and Nurture

At Plezzel, we help you build your online audience, capturing information about prospects from every channel and platform online. Most importantly, you own this valuable data, not us. Rather than just being another third party service, we work as partners in providing you with powerful solutions to manage your digital assets. We help you grow your leads, but also help you nurture the leads you already have, delivering engaging, branded messaging in front of future prospects at different points in their customer journey. 



People find it frustrating to deal with companies who don’t respond promptly. The real estate market is time sensitive. Most prospects expect a quick response from agents so they can make an informed decision. Every late response to an enquiry is a lost opportunity to grow your audience. 

Plezzel ensures every one of these opportunities is captured. Every enquiry receives an instant, smart, automated response system and creates tasks in your CRM for follow-up. Prospects will receive key information depending on what they request. For example, suburb reports, contracts, open homes, finance referrals and appraisals.


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Get in touch with our team today for help growing your online audience and generating more business for your agency. If you want to learn more about creating better customer journeys in 2021, download and read our Ebook for Digital Agents today.


By – Business Development Manager
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