iOS 14.5 Update – What it Means for Digital Marketing

The IOS 14.5 is the The biggest change affecting the digital marketing world today. This update requires applications to ask for permission whenever they want to track your activities outside the app, such as across other apps or websites. Most users are unaware that many apps even do this. Apple is not blocking the practice. Instead, apps simply now require informed consent.

How Does This Impact Digital Advertising?

iPhone users who update to iOS 14.5 will have the choice to not let Apps access their data. iPhone users have always had the ability to opt-out, but now a prompt will appear alerting the user to opt-out or in when deciding to share their personal data. With this change, it is estimated a higher percentage of users will opt-out, making it harder for advertisers to target consumers directly.

Will People Who Opt-out No Longer See Ads?

No, this does not mean they will not see  any advertising but will only see general ads that are likely not relevant, rather than targeted content. They will also not be tracked when they click on an ad and then through to the visit advertiser’s website.

The entire Digital Tech industry does not fully understand the impact to advertisers as yet, but the iOS 14.5 update may limit your options for targeting users who choose not to let Apps access their data. With limited ability to target people who are more likely to be interested in your product or service, this may require greater financial investment in places like Facebook advertising to maintain current results.

First Party Data (Your CRM) is More Important Than Ever. 

The power of your database is key for ongoing advertising on Digital Platforms. Your database (otherwise known as first party data) is becoming even more valuable, and those who understand the lifetime value of their customers and what actions drive the most value will have an advantage.



The Plezzel platform manages customer journeys over the client’s lifetime. Typically, this client lifecycle begins at age of 18-20 years and extends into retirement age 65+ with notable Real Estate lifecycle events such as buying first home, investing in property, upgrading to larger home and downgrading to a smaller residence.


The plezzel customer journey


This iOS 14.5 change underscores the importance of clients maintaining their own database and building audiences from their own database of clients. This is something Plezzel has developed for clients over many years.

Working Around the Changes

The good news is a lot of customers enjoy having the customised services that Apps give them and understand the benefits of tracking to receive relevant, targeted advertising and are willing to consent to it. The Plezzel Digital Advertising platform is well positioned for the iOS 14.5 change. Plezzel have responded to the update by upgrading our platform to use the latest Facebook integration (Software Development Kit).

This ensures we can accurately track and measure the actions people take. The platform intuitively creates value from your database and will continue to drive targeted campaigns for your Listings providing return on investment for your clients. We’re also assessing existing Pixel integrations and implementing changes where necessary as advised by Facebook product team/s.


As a Facebook Partner we are working directly with Facebook to develop new ways to create ad tracking and data tools that better align with Apple’s enhanced focus on data privacy.

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