Key Lessons From Nike for Real Estate

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Nike is one of the biggest brands in the world, valued at over $32 billion. This show brand is a household-name brand with a cult-like following. Their customers are willing to wait outside at 5am for three hours to get a pair of $200 shoes. But why? How do you build and sustain that appeal? A good product is the first key. But strategic, innovative marketing is also crucial especially when applying to real estate. 

What can we learn from NIKE in Real Estate about Customer Journey and creating the best Customer Experience that makes our customers happy.

Creating Exceptional Customer Journeys

The customer journey is all about how you manage relationships with your customers at every touchpoint. It emcompasses everything from one-off interactions with agents online and in-person to what it’s like navigating your website. How those experiences make your customers feel determines whether you offer a positive customer journey at every stage.

Many agents miss out on opportunities to deliver a great customer journey because they subscribe to industry norms instead of thinking about how they can set themselves apart with unique, personalised customer experiences. Global, household-name brands like Nike set the bar for what innovative and enhanced customer journeys look like. Agencies can learn from them.


What Do Nike Do?

According to Nike, their ability to establish and maintain a base of passionate customers is directly related to their consumer-focused growth strategy they call the Triple Double strategy: 2X Innovation, 2X Speed and 2X Direct connections with consumers. 

This means doubling product innovations, doubling the speed of sales pipelines and doubling customer interactions by consolidating their online channels and uniting physical and digital aspects of Nike’s retail activity. The last point is one real estate agents can learn from. 


How Agents Can Improve Customer Journeys 

Consider how people interact with your agency from the first interaction to the proposal and a signed contract. Think of ways you can add value and personalise that journey more. For example, an exceptional customer journey ensures every enquiry is met with an immediate response with a follow-up call locked in. 

A good customer journey also nurtures your customers with notifications and alerts about their favourite properties. Engage your customers with critical information. For example, send documents like contracts and suburb profiles to convert customers during critical phases of the real estate buyer journey. Research indicates customers are more likely to think favourably about your business if agents provide additional information to help their purchasing decision.


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