What are the Main Lead Generation Sources in 2019?

Each month, approximately 19 million Australians use Google search, while 15 million access Facebook, and 11 million access Instagram. That makes these platforms fantastic sources in generating new leads for your agency.

This is why digital marketing is a critical part of every marketing strategy today.

Powerful Targeting Tools

Google and Facebook are so powerful that they have proved a better resource than real estate portals for many agents wanting to reach in-the-market buyers. Sophisticated tools are available and allow you to refine your targeting precisely to reduce the cost per lead.

This means you can reach the right people based on your location, buyer segment, campaign goals and more. However, you have to get the process right to succeed.

How to Approach Lead Generation

Generating leads is all about being strategic. Lead generation only takes place after businesses nurture the audience and engage. Spamming digital platforms for leads will only damage your brand and reputation.

Agencies must draw in and nurture prospects by providing value through relevant, creative and/or informative content. Timing is also crucial. For example, it’s a bad idea to advertise for leads on Christmas and New Years as news feeds are flooded and people’s minds are elsewhere. Although, bear in mind it is a good time to advertise during the holiday period as more people are online whilst on leave.

The Digital Funnel

The process of generating leads on digital channels occurs over multiple stages, depending on your campaign outline and goals. Over a three month period, you may have 2 posts each month with the following goals over three stages:

  • Awareness – Involves targeting a specific audience with tailored content to generate views and impressions.
  • Intent – Involves refining and re-targeting your audience, generating clicks and building followers.
  • Action – Further refining and re-targeting your audience, generating leads and appraisal requests.

The key objectives of the first two stages is to warm the market, build followers and begin delivering value. Once you have generated trust and awareness, you can generate leads in the action stage.


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By – CEO
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