Lead Generation for Property Development


Every development requires a well-executed marketing plan. However, too many developers are wasting their marketing budget on unmeasurable or ineffective tactics. For decades, property developers have utilised traditional mass media marketing tactics such as TV, radio, street banners and billboards. These were once great ways to get your message out, but there is no way to accurately measure how much, if any, of your marketing spend actually generates results.


Limitations of Traditional Marketing

It’s common for property developers to argue that a billboard ad in an inner-city suburb is seen by thousands of people each week. But for an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars, how many of those people actually buy a property or are interested? If interested, will they remember the ad or your company once they get home? It’s impossible to know.


Hyper-Target Prospects With Digital

Digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Google allows you to hyper-target a specific audience segment This ensures marketing investment goes towards reaching only qualified potential buyers who:

  • Live in a specific suburb, location, or specific kilometre radius
  • Have shown an interest in property investment in the past
  • Have a certain income and/or education level
  • Work in a specific industry

What’s better is that you can continue making adjustments to your digital ads based on real-time performance. You can measure and adjust tactics based on who is:

  • Engaging with and clicking on certain ads
  • Visiting your website and clicking through to specific pages
  • Completing a form on your website
  • Making an enquiry
  • Subscribing to your email marketing list

The overall difference in ROI compared to traditional marketing is staggering. You’ll get better, measurable results all while spending less. 


The Power of Retargeting

Purchasing any type of property is a major decision and not everyone is ready to make an enquiry when they land on your website. This is true of developments too. Retargeting is a great way of targeting prospects who you know are interested with relevant ads about your development across the Google and Facebook advertising platforms. This ensures they’ll find their way back to your website once they are ready to make their purchase decision. 


Meeting the Unique Challenges of Development Marketing

Marketing for a development project has specific challenges beyond reaching the right people with effective marketing. You must ensure you are creating unique, positive experiences for the buyer while managing hundreds or potentially thousands of enquiries. A successful development project requires keeping track of every lead and enquiry while running an impactful branded promotional strategy at the same time. 

At Plezzel, we deliver a hyper-targeted marketing campaigns for your development supported by additional digital tools like automated enquiry response and automatic upload of leads in your CRM. This ensures your campaign is well-organised so you reach the right people, track qualified leads, efficiently respond to enquiries and keep prospects up to date about the project.


Contact Plezzel for Expert Property Development Marketing

At Plezzel, we’re digital marketing experts specialising in real estate. Succeed with our fully managed multi-channel campaigns to drive leads and create a buzz for your development. For more information, please get in touch with the Plezzel team. 


By – Digital Marketing Delivery Manager
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