Matching Client Enquiries to Facebook Accounts

Any real estate agency looking to make a big impact on Facebook should be using Facebook’s Custom Audiences, a targeted ad service that allows you to import user email addresses for retargeting. Custom Audiences allow you to more effectively reach and engage relevant audiences by matching prospect or client emails to their Facebook profile.

You can target ads to the audience you’ve created on Facebook, Instagram and audience network. Since you know that this audience is in-the-market, you can adjust your ad messaging to boost conversions. It’s a far smarter approach to targeting your core audience.


Making the Most of Your Enquiries

Make the most of every enquiry by capturing prospect data and using it for retargeting on Facebook Custom Audiences. Instead of uploading customer lists and manually creating Custom Audiences, smart digital platforms like Plezzel can automatically match enquiries to Facebook profiles, streamlining the entire process. Not only does our enquiry response address the client’s online enquiry, they deliver intelligent automated responses that provides content specific to what the person has asked for in the enquiry.


Benefits of Using Custom Audiences

Relevance is more important than ever before when it comes to advertising online. This is especially true on Facebook as how your targeted ads perform and how appropriate they are to your audience can affect your relevance score on the platform. If your targeting is effective and you achieve high relevance scores, Facebook displays your ads more often.

For example, someone might look at some listings on your website, make an enquiry and take no further action. You could use Custom Audiences to retarget that person on Facebook with similar properties they might be interested in. Another great tool for hyper-targeting and customising your sponsored posts is the Facebook Pixel.





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By – CEO
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