3 Reasons Why Being More Responsive Will Grow Your Real Estate Agency

Clients find it frustrating to deal with a real estate agency who communicates poorly. The real estate market is time sensitive and most clients expect a prompt response from agents so they can analyse the property in more detail and move on if they’re not satisfied. According to the California Association of Realtors, 49 per cent of buyers expect an instant response from agents.

Complaints about being ‘left in the dark’ on the progress of a sale are all too common. This creates a lack of trust in your agency and a belief that you simply don’t care. By using real estate automated marketing software, agencies can open up a range of new opportunities. Below we look at three main reasons why being more responsive will grow your agency.


1. Other Real Estate Agencies Are Falling Behind

A recent survey by Lithium Technologies and Harris Poll looked at the behaviours and attitudes of consumers in several countries including Australia. It found that 40 per cent of Australian consumers expect a response within an hour of making an enquiry and 53 per cent of real estate enquiries are made outside office hours, meaning real estate agents who don’t have automated response systems in place are letting potential clients down.

The latest real estate software allows agencies to deliver professional, branded responses to enquiries around the clock. By being more responsive, you can surpass the service offered by many other real estate agents, allowing you to enhance your reputation and grow your agency.


2. You’ll Receive More Listing Opportunities

Clients value responsiveness so much that you are seven times more likely to close a lead if you respond within the first hour. A large proportion of enquiries come from homeowners looking to upgrade or downsize. By responding instantly, you offer them a high level of client service and professionalism.

In our experience, homeowners who are considering selling are impressed when their enquiries are responded to instantly. In a competitive real estate market, no agency can afford to lose listing opportunities. With real estate marketing automation software, this can be achieved without agents having to spend half their day responding to enquiries.


3. Responsiveness Increases Sales

Every late response to an enquiry is an opportunity for a competitor. It’s important not to underestimate the value of responsiveness. If your agency had the right tools and processes in place to automate enquiry response and nurture leads, you could increase your sales by 20 per cent.

Along with the ability to increase sales, marketing automation software can save time and offer big reductions in expenses, saving your agency upwards of $60,000 a year. With more listing opportunities, leads being closed faster, cost savings and increased sales, the benefits of being a responsive agency are huge.

By – CEO
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