“Off Market” Property Digital Advertising

With this year’s Spring Selling Season kicking off, you need the right tools and campaigns to sell homes faster and drive more qualified leads for your vendor more than ever before.  We have the campaigns and tools you need to make this happen. We can help your vendors sell their home off market with our “Off Market Digital Ads”


“OFF MARKET ” Digital Marketing Campaign 

With your own CRM and our Plezzel Platform, we can help you target your current database but also find more “In the Market Buyers” for your Vendor with Targeted Digital Ads.

We are your Real Estate Digital Experts and understand the customer journey for buyers and vendors and have digital experts to help you get your vendors home sold “OFF MARKET”.

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How Quickly Can I get this?

We can get this product up almost as quickly as you can get the sales authority signed. Simply add the property address, price and a short description, straight from your CRM, Marketing Platform or your Plezzel Digital Platform.

With the shorter spring selling season, we know you need every day available to start driving leads!


Tell me more!

This product can be a  complete “OFF THE MARKET” Campaign or a great “PRE SALES” Campaign depending on your property marketing strategy for your vendor. We are here to help create the best property campaign to set you apart from the competition.

With the current environment you can even get your Vendors to take the external photo, have your photo editing company work their magic and use the Coming Soon Campaign to get the home up in front of more buyers faster. And if you require a temporary landing page we can automatically create this for you upon request.

To find out more, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.

By – Plezzel Marketing Manager
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