How one email enquiry turned into $200K


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Leaking Leads

Winning in any market means you need to treat your leads like gold. In a tight market it is critical.

Often in real estate poor communication between the sales and the property management teams means opportunities are not recognised. Understandably sales are focused on selling the property and sometimes don’t pass on key information to their BDM colleagues.

But how do you catch these leads before they fall? Well, it can be quite simple.

Never Lose a Lead

Recently, in one of our regular client catch ups, we had a fantastic case of just how critical the Plezzel Digital Platform is to ensuring all leads are surfaced and nurtured. As we chatted to the BDM, she shared that they were not meeting her monthly target and felt this was due to a leakage of leads from the sales side of the business.

We offered to activate our BDM module, giving them the ultimate digital communication tool between departments to ensure no lead is missed. All leads in one place in real time, segmented into a BDM list for you.

Start the Relationship From the First Enquiry

As soon as a prospective buyer gets in touch, it’s the best time to begin forming a trusting relationship with them. This ensures you are first in mind when they sign contracts for their new investment or look for other properties.

Only one lead will buy the property. The buyer may not purchase through your agency, but they will be buying an investment. Nurturing all of the buyer investor leads that come into your office during the sales campaign maximises your chances of rent roll growth.

How one email turned into $200K

Coming back to Alice, once we enabled the BDM module, our platform surfaced a lead from an investor who recently required on a sales property. The investor had enquired about a residential property for sale, and our AI identified them as a likely investor and a great lead.  After being contacted by the sales team, they requested an appraisal and after the appointment, signed up their entire investment portfolio.

With more than 20 properties in their portfolio, Alice valued the opportunity as contributing an additional $200k in additional equity for the business based on an updated rent roll valuation.

All from one email enquiry our technology highlighted as a lead.

Without the technology solution this email enquiry may have sat in an agents inbox and the opportunity missed.

With the BDM module in place our customers have an automated smart technology that does the prospecting work for them.

To find out how our platform can help you better nurture leads, get in touch with our team today!

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