How the Plezzel App will Change the Way you Run Open Homes

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In 2017, it seems like we use apps for everything from budgeting to playing video games. According to infographics from GO-Globe, we spend 52 percent of our time using digital media on mobile apps. Increasing usage rates aren’t just limited to everyday consumers, however. Businesses from all industries are utilising apps to improve their customer service and streamline business operations.

Today, real estate agencies can find a variety of apps to help them run better open homes. Some features are found consistently, for example, the ability to load prospects who enquire onto the app then tick them off as they arrive. What separates the higher quality open home apps from the mediocre ones comes down to the finer details.


Agent Specific Personalisation

The open home app developed by Plezzel allows for agent specific customisation. Every real estate agent has an individual approach and the app’s personalisation features allow them to run their own show.

Agents can personalise the display so the information most important to them appear first, offering a more efficient user experience. After the open home is complete, agents can send a personalised ‘thank you for attending’ SMS/Email. This allows them to showcase their brand and build a relationship at the same time they send the section 32 or rental application.


Track Hot Buyers

Going beyond simplifying inspections with a ready-made attendee list, the REB app also tracks repeat visitors and hot buyers. The ability to track hot buyers means that agents have an entire database in their pocket, allowing them to search existing leads. The result is more productivity and less data entry.


Generate Listings

The Plezzel App allows agents to track prospects who want a market appraisal. As a result, it’s easier to follow up on and increase your chances of generating listings.


Landlord and Vendor Reporting

Our real estate app allows you to send a report to landlords and vendors after the open home with the touch of a button. This saves agents time and offers the vendor or landlord a greater level of service by keeping them informed throughout the property campaign.


Upload Prospects into Your CRM

Information about new prospects and walk-ins are automatically uploaded into your CRM following the open home. This process makes it easy to keep track of leads, follow the buyer journey and extract valuable data.


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