The Perfect Post Engagement Product for Real Estate

Post engagement is one of the most powerful objectives to help you boost your brand awareness and lead you to your next listing. Plezzel has just released the perfect post engagement product for real estate agents. Plezzel has already trialled this new product with incredible results already shining through.

Many agents overlook how effective and essential post engagements are for Just Listed and Just Sold advertisements. Many agents aim to have as many eyes on the listing as possible and may think website traffic is the perfect objective. However, engagement among potential buyers and vendors can benefit your office and agents’ brand. Post engagement includes; likes, comments, shares, video plays, and page views. At the Just Listed and Just Sold stages, this is very important.


Potential buyers may not know of your brand and may need to look further into the experience they can expect and your reputation before investing more time into the listing. This also applies to the initial trust and research that potential vendors will need to do before considering listing their house with a real estate agent. An agent’s reputation is tightly knit with the social proof surrounding them. Would you rather list your home with the agent that you haven’t heard much about or the agent that has heart reactions, likes, and positive comments on their posts? 

When advertising to the local area, campaigns with the post engagement objective may even lead to a friend of someone looking to sell their home commenting and tagging them. This is why post engagement is every real estate agent’s best friend regarding brand awareness. 

These new $99* Engagement products(including GST) are available now and will become part of our standard offering on 1 July 2022. They can be automated through our STP program, saving the office time with every property listing receiving an order.

This incredible new product can be ordered through the Plezzel Platform or on your marketing system.

Contact our team today to harness the power of social proof with the new Just Listed/Just Sold Engagement Product.

By – Digital Marketing Delivery Manager
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