The Power of Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents


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Social media is an undeniably powerful tool when it comes to digital marketing for real estate. Facebook is one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world, with the average Australian spending two hours a day on Facebook. Poor utilisation of Facebook reflects a lack of professionalism and leads to lost opportunities.

Your real estate agency should be taking advantage of all the social network has to offer. This goes far beyond just creating a brand page. Effective use of social media requires strategy, insight, smart social content curation and real engagement. One of the handiest tools on Facebook however is its cost-effective advertising tools.


Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories

Once you develop a social media strategy and begin posting relevant and valuable content, you might struggle with how to actually get that content to reach your target audience. Facebook offers a couple of paid advertising options, including traditional website style banner advertising as well as sponsored stories, which increase the reach of your content, so it appears as a post in someone’s news feed.

Facebook allows you to directly target specific demographics, which is hugely beneficial for real estate agencies operating in specific areas. Depending on the content you are producing, you can promote it to people based on their location, income, age, homeownership status and online behaviour.

If you’re an agency in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, for example, you could create a targeted article called “3 Ways Homeowners in Melbourne’s East are Increasing the Value of their Property”. This post could be promoted so it appears in the newsfeeds of people who own a property and reside in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, offering the chance to build relationships with them and drive traffic to your page and website. These prospects can then be nurtured through a marketing campaign that focuses on generating listings or growing the rent roll.


Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Reach – Facebook’s advertising tools allow you to see your potential reach, meaning you know how many people are likely to see it based on your targeting and budget.

Cost effective – You can advertise with a very small budget, spending as little as $20 to promote a story over a couple of weeks. You can monitor your spend as the campaign is in progress and information about projected reach means you can determine ROI before committing to a campaign.

Adjustable – Facebook allows you to retarget people who visit your website or who are on your email database. You can make changes to the budget, length and targeting at any point during an advertising campaign, allowing for strategic flexibility.

Conversion measurement – Facebook allows you to track actions people take after viewing your ads across multiple devices from laptops and mobile phones to tablets and desktops. By creating a Facebook pixel and adding it to the pages of your website where conversions happen, you will see who converts as a result of your Facebook ads.

Ad optimisation – When you use the Facebook pixel in combination with the bidding action ‘Optimise for Website Conversions’, your ad will automatically be shown to people who are most likely to convert.


Strategic Use of Facebook Marketing

 Your Facebook presence should not be an afterthought or something you only use periodically. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to grow your agency and drive sales as long you’re committed and strategic, integrating Facebook marketing into your overall inbound marketing plan.

Some agencies don’t know how to use targeting efficiently, displaying ads and stories to the wrong people and wasting money. Plezzel can help you avoid mistakes and develop a social media marketing strategy where you can deliver quality content to the right people, increasing website traffic and generating leads and conversions.


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