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Project marketing comes with specific challenges. You must create unique, positive buyer experiences while managing hundreds or thousands of enquiries. At the same time, you must run an effective, branded promotional strategy.

At Plezzel, we provide quality project marketing solutions using tools like automated enquiry response as well as automatically uploading leads in your CRM. Your campaign stays well-organised as a result. This ensures you reach the right people, track qualified leads, efficiently respond to enquiries and keep prospects up to date about the project.


Creating Unique Experiences to Stand Out

A project marketing campaign that offers a unique customer experience helps you stand out in a crowd, not only with the developer you may be working for but also the customer wanting to buy the project. With the right digital tools, it’s possible to have multiple inbound enquiry design options to respond to buyer enquiries. 


Well-marketed projects have a custom brand, design, colour palette and style guide. The best approach is ensuring the inbound marketing response matches the style of the project seamlessly whilst ensuring lead capture into their CRM. This helps a unique, branded project stand out and capture the right buyers. Automatically database and segment information about leads using Plezzel’s platform, so your project marketing doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. 


HTML Emails Create Even Better Experiences

There are two main types of email you can send and receive – plain text emails and HTML emails. The first is exactly what it sounds like. It’s just any email that contains plain old text with no formatting. HTML emails are much more visually engaging and are formatted and styled using HTML and inline CSS.

HTML emails are easy to spot. Most of the branded, multimedia marketing email you receive are HTML emails. They are excellent for project marketing campaigns as they allow you to create email marketing campaigns with a style, colour palette and design that’s consistent with the branding and marketing strategy of the project. 


Plezzel’s Platform Can Support Large Scale Campaigns

Plezzel’s platform is scalable. It can support custom email designs across more than 50 projects all being marketed in parallel. Project clients (i.e. developers) can be confident that all the project marketing design and the preferred buyer experience is always consistent across the buyer journey. 

We can develop an easy to use solution to help you manage enquiry response and upload unique email designs into the platform. Processes such as automated lead upload into the CRM, automated reporting and project analytics can all be preserved without difficulty.


Plezzel Can Help You With Project Marketing

At Plezzel, we’re digital marketing experts specialising in real estate. Make your project a success with our fully managed multi-channel campaigns. We’ll help you drive more leads and create a buzz for your development. For more information, please get in touch with the Plezzel team.


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